The Research and Educational Network (REN) 

is a collaborative membership forum for the exchange of information and cooperation between stakeholders in research, education and business in Norway within ICT based education and training.  REN is focused on eLearning and competence development, and works with issues related to R&D within distributed learning, as well as developments within the eLearning/distance learning market.   

About 50 companies are members of REN and represent academia, government and small and large providers of distributed learning.  DNB, PwC, Statoil and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) make up the advisory board.  


REN is unique in Scandinavia and is a vibrant forum
for its members and invited guests.  




Every year REN arranges:

  • 6 membership meetings in Norway with invited speakers in the forefront of online learning.  Average participation 100 people.
  • SHOWDAY for eLearning - Norway’s largest meeting           place between manufacturers and customers - showcasing the scope and creativity in the production and distribution of online learning in Norway. Close to 200 participants and international keynote.
  • Co-sponsored events and workshops



REN is part of Innovation Norway

the Norwegian national and regional authorities’ instrument for realizing value-creating commercial and industrial development throughout Norway. The goal of Innovation Norway is to encourage financially and socio-economically profitable commercial and industrial development while fostering the industrial potential of the regions. This is to be achieved by increasing the number of capable entrepreneurs, growth-oriented enterprises and innovative industrial environments. Innovation Norway is a global organization. In addition to being represented in every Norwegian county, it has offices in more than 30 countries. In countries where Innovation Norway has no offices, Norwegian embassies provide access to international networks. The employees' wide knowledge of local and international conditions helps clients to convert their ideas into successful businesses.  Read more HERE