Vert:   EF
Når:    Mandag 11. april - 8:30 - 16
Hvor:  KS Agenda Møtesenter (på hjørnet av Ruseløkkveien og Haakon VII's gt.)
Rom:   Lindesnes Auditorium
Tema:  "Innovasjon i læring og suksess gjennom et globalt tankesett"



EF Corporate Solutions ser fram til å være vert for REN sammen med foredragsholdere fra Innovasjon Norge, EVRY, UNIT 4 og Ashridge Executive Education. Det vil bli en interaktiv dag, hvor du kan dele dine erfaringer ogbygge ditt nettverk. Vi inviterer alle til å lære av utdanningsspesialister og norske næringslivsledere, med fokus på innovasjon og globalt tankesett, inkludert spennende workshops. Eksperter i Leadership Management, Ashridge, vil være vertskap for en workshop om "Tillit i internasjonale team", som gir deg en sjelden mulighet til å oppleve en av de beste skolene innen Executive Education. (se Workshop oppsummering nedenfor)


08:00 - 09:00 Registrering og nettverking

09:00 - 09:15 Velkommen: Rowena Thakore, EF Corporate Solutions

09:15 - 09.30  EF: Opening the World through Education: Anja Salo, EF Corporate Solutions

09:30 - 10:20 Innovasjon i den globale klasserommet: Interaktivt foredrag med kulturquiz: Peggy Weggler, VP Academics, EF Corporate Solutions

10:30 - 11:30 Internasjonal forretningsutvikling; Hvorfor Global Mindset er viktig: Svend Haakon Kristensen, Head of Customer Operations & Regional Director Asia, Innovasjon Norge

11:30 - 12:15 Lunsj – Nettverking

12:15 - 12:45 Remiksing av arbeidskultur i Norge: Laxmi Akkaraju, Senior VP Global Sourcing EVRY

12:45 - 13:15 På tvers av grenser mot et felles mål - Hordan kunnskap deles i en global organisasjon: Kirsten Munch, Global Head, Enablement, Unit4 Business Solutions

13:30 - 15:30 Tillit i internasjonale team: Interaktiv Workshop med Trudi West, Ashridge Executive Education

15:30 - 15:45 Oppsummering – Rowena Thakore, EF


Rowena Thakore, Head of Sales, EF Corporate Solutions has 17 years’ experience working in global partnerships. Having lived and worked in the UK, US, Canada, Belize and Norway, Rowena has experienced first-hand, the joys &  challenges of living & working in different countries, and the importance of good cross cultural understanding & communication. Rowena brings her experience to EF Corporate Solutions partners to help optimise communications across their global teams and maximise their cross border potential.

Anja Salo, Regional VP, EF Corporate Solutions has lived, worked and studied in Europe & Asia, and spends a large amount of her time fleeting between countries nowadays. Anja has been with EF for 17 years, in her current role as Regional Vice President for Corporate Solutions, Anja works with partners across Northern Europe to break down communication barriers, and look at how to optimise how they do business across borders. Anja particularly enjoys getting to know clients’ businesses, and understanding how language can evolve as a significant part of their business strategy.

Peggy Weggler, VP Academics, EF Corporate Solutions has 20 years’ experience at EF Corporate Solutions. With a background in both science and management, as former Head of the Clinical Chemistry Department for Heart Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, USA, Peggy retrained in English and Pedagogy and joined EF Language Learning Solutions in 1996. Starting off as a Business English teacher, Peggy worked with some of Sweden’s largest businesses to support their global communication. Peggy’s current role is assuring EF’s language learning solutions are pedagogically sound, working together with EF’s Academic & Innovation teams, as well as with EF’s global teams and partners.

Svend Haakon Kristensen, Head of Customer Operations & Regional Director Asia, Innovasjon Norge is responsible for Innovation Norway’s foreign offices in Asia, which currently includes China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan. With more than 12 years’ experience, working in both Norwegian public and private sector business in Japan, Svend Haakon has a great understanding from an outsider’s perspective into Norwegian industry, and proven experience on helping Norwegian companies to succeed overseas.

Laxmi Akkaraju, Senior VP Global Sourcing, EVRY is responsible for Global Delivery at EVRY and overall strategy their global delivery centers in India, Ukraine and Latvia. Previous to her current role, she was stationed in India for 2+ years as Country Manager for EVRY’s subsidiary in Bangalore. Before joining EVRY, Laxmi worked at Intel (USA), Spirent (USA) and Holte Consulting (Norway). Her experience in high-tech sectors in three continents has given her unique insights into cultural differences, particularly in the work environment. Laxmi is a frequent speaker on the international workplace and the dynamics of emerging Indian economy.

Kirsten Munch, Global Head, Enablement, Unit4 Business Solutions has more than 10 years of experience in knowledge demanding, fast changing environments in the IT industry. Kirsten currently oversees the virtual learning and enablement strategy of Unit4, an organization that has gone through major changes over the past two years, emphasizing a people-centric approach. Adopting new technologies to support innovation, learning, and development, influencing performance and talent management are core aspects of her expertise. 

Trudi West, Faculty, Ashridge    Trudi has a keen interest in how people develop and grow as part of their own learning experiences and as such, she is interested in motivation, particularly what drives learning, development, understanding and action at a personal as well as an organisation level. Within her work at Ashridge, Trudi facilitates learning through the design and delivery of programmes as well as through her research. She has examined the leadership and team outcomes for the skippers and crew of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. She has also recently completed research into the concept of risk by exploring how senior managers actually think about and work with risk.

Before joining Ashridge, Trudi worked in the City and in the NHS. Trudi holds an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a BSc in Psychology. She is a member of the British Psychological Society and has experience of using a range of psychometric tools.

Ashridge Workshop: Trudi will bring research, together with her experience of working with clients from around the world, to help you develop trust in your own international teams.  First we will define trust and why it is important for any team; how do you create alignment when ‘winning’ means different things to different people? From here, we will discuss the specific challenges faced by differences in time, language and culture as well as ups and downs of working virtually.  What capability is required to work effectively in such teams?  And why does any of this matter, anyway? The workshop approach will involve your participation in small group discussions (på norsk).

Kontakt:  Rowena Thakore, EF Corporate Solutions, email: